About Megan

I am a third generation native Floridian. I’ve had the pleasure to spend most of my life living on a beautiful lake here in sunny Central Florida. I am very close to my parents; we live in the same neighborhood and I also work with them at the family business.

I would have to say I probably get my creativity from my mother. She taught me to paint when I was little. She’s the one who also gave me the photography bug as a child because she was always taking pictures of my brother and me when we were little. Unfortunately, I don’t get the opportunity to paint as much as I’d like to these days, but I can always be found with my camera in tow. Friends and family know I can always be counted on to capture their special moments and turn them into treasured memories. In fact, they’re the ones I credit with encouraging me to start my own photography business.

Even though I grew up loving photography, my passion for it really blossomed in college. I have a degree in Graphic Design and my focus is primarily on digital photography; however, I also enjoy black and white and non-digital photography. I’m always striving to keep up with the latest photography trends as well as educating myself on various techniques such as old school film developing, the use of natural lighting, nature shots, and portraits.

What began as an enjoyable hobby has become a wonderful business venture that puts a smile on my face every day. I love my job and every moment I capture…and I look forward to capturing your special moments!